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Eating well

Do you intuitively know you need to make some changes ​to feel better and uncover the next level you?

Are you ready to START on your journey with healthy ​habits that can support your goals you have?

If so your growth journey starts here........

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In the first


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In this group our focus is to work on 1 or 2 simple habits that can ​start to build the foundation of a consistent routine. It can be a ​focus on your nutrition, pick a workout calendar that fits your ​schedule, and all while having fun, learning what you love, ​supplementing well, and building confidence in the health ​promoting habits you are building to feel your BEST.

Enjoy either following a simple, whole food supported, mindful ​habits nutrition plan, created by a registered dietician OR Learning ​about balanced Macro course that teaches about building a plate ​without counting calories that is focused on getting the nutrition ​we need to fuel our bodies well from a team of fitness and nutrition ​experts. Both are sustainable nutritional theories without the BS of ​crash diets or unsustainable "GET RESULTS QUICK" crash models ​that DO NOT SERVE US.

Both nutrition courses are customizable for your lifestyle/nutrition ​preferences (such as vegan/vegetarian, paleo, etc). The reason for ​this is it teaches you the KNOWLEDGE to gain and use vs spoon-​feeding random cookie cutter plans that don't fit your needs/ ​preferences or LIFE! (knowledge is power). If you are wanting to ​start just with movement first that can still be a great place then ​build or tweak where you want to go next to continue your habits.

About our workouts and fitness calendars...

The BODi workout calendars are set up on Block Periodization to maximize your ​results.

You'll choose from a few calendar options based on your fitness preferences (such ​as if you prefer 20 min or 60 min class, or if you like a set fitness calendar vs ​something more customizable to fit your body's unique needs).

Calendars are set to 4/5 workouts a week, with 2 rest days( you can tweak this to ​your goal).

Our workouts can be streamed to your computer, phone, tablet, and are accessible ​on our app on your smart TV.

You'll be progressing over 3 weeks, and each week building more strength and ​endurance.

Our fourth week is an 'UP' Week ('UP' = unconditional progress).

We will talk about the type of workouts you like, I will recommend a couple sample ​workouts for you to try on our platform and see what program you want to kick ​off with for the new month.

What you get access to

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Get access to hundreds of ​programs, thousands of ​workouts, live classes, ​customizable fitness ​calendars, plus an invitation to ​all of my future group ​challenges.

Pregnancy and nutrition


Access 2 full nutrition education ​courses that teach you proper ​portioning and a simplified ​approach to nutrition. Learn how ​to plate your meals for maximum ​satiation, energy, and your goals.


That's where I come in as your ​coach! Access my community ​app & stay connected with ​other members who are ​working on leveling up their ​health with you.

What's included

  • Annual access to our fitness app with ​hundreds of workouts programs & two ​full nutrition education courses
  • Annual access to LIVE classes -

a trial month to your choice of nutrition ​supplements

  • Me as your coach and access to my online ​private member community

EXPLORE BODi's on demand classes, live ​classes, and nutrition support

Option one: Full access to BODi. This ​is access to programs, nutrition, and ​community

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Option two: Access to all of the above but you've also ​been wanting to join my collective as a coach! You love ​paying it forward and supporting others in goals they ​have as well. I CANNOT WAIT TO TALK MORE about ​what goals you have or the life you are working to ​create <3

Why work with me?

I'm a big advocate of using movement for healing and becoming strong AF to do the ​things YOU LOVE. For me you know that is to be outside, gain confidence in trying ​new things and to support my autoimmune disease. NOTHING makes me for on fire ​then seeing my clients fall in love with building health promoting habits that have them ​feeling like a completely new human FROM THE INSIDE out. THAT confidence shows ​up different, it helps us feel ALIVE.

Also enjoy these unique offerings you get with me as your Coach:

Helping you make sense of YOUR schedule and goals, I am a great listener and can ​help you get clarity on what you want to be true and how to problem solve barriers

1:1 and group coaching/support

Plus for members who want to step into coaching, I train you how to run your own ​online fitness and nutrition focused groups.

My hope is that you fall so in love with the journey so much that you have that you ​can't help but want to pay that forward and inspire others! That's how we make a ​GREATER impact as humans: We ELEVATE for our own desires, needs and goals, and ​in so our actions and outcomes inspire others to elevate for themselves too!

To connect and find the right enrollment option for you - fill out ​quick form here. Note: Cost of access depends on your goals ​range is from $150-$220 for the YEAR of work together but we will ​talk more about that in my follow up so I can align with your goals.

Cannot wait to hear more from you,


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